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Aaron's Department GUARANTEE every application received will be processed and sent to the DBS the same day.

Aaron's Department's online service helps organisations and employers to check their candidates against the DBS Adult Barred List faster (those applicable).
The employer will usually know the result of an Adult First within 48 hours, and know whether the candidate can start working under supervision, or if they need to wait for a DBS certificate to be issued.

DBS Adult First Checks Allow New Employees to Start Quickly

Registering to our online service is free of charge, and then all is needed is a simple tick of the 'Adult First' box when creating an application. Our system will then automatically request the Adult First service from the DBS.
The Care Standards Act established a provision for the Department of Health to provide and maintain a list of people who it bars from working with vulnerable adults. Those employing people to positions that involve working with vulnerable adults may be able to request a check of the Vulnerable Adults Barred list.
ISA Adult First is a service exclusive to the health sector. Requests for DBS Adult First checks carry strict criteria and are permissible only where it is necessary to take such action because of a real danger that staffing levels will fall below statutory obligations.

What Does an Adult First Check Contain?

An employer will usually receive information clarifying whether the candidate is on the Barred List, or if they should wait for the certificate, within 48 hours of it being sent.
If the candidate’s name can be verified to not be on the Adult Barred List within the 48 hours, then the employer will receive the following message:
"No match exists for this person on the current Adults' Barred list." which means the employee can start working whilst being supervised.
But if there is a match of the candidate's name on the Adult's Barred List (or further investigation is needed), or if the verification doesn't happen within the 48-hour time frame then the employer/organisation receives the following message:
"Please wait to view applicant DBS Certificate".
In this instance, the employer has to wait to hire the candidate until the full DBS certificate is returned.

My Candidates Name is on The Adult's Barred List. What Happens Now?

If your candidates name is listed on the Adult Barred List, then it means they have been classified as a potential risk to vulnerable adults because of previous behaviour.
It is a criminal offence for a barred individual to work in an environment they are barred from.
If an employer, organisation or voluntary organisation knowingly employ a barred person for a regulated activity role, this is a criminal offence.

How Much Does an Adult First Cost?

An adult first check costs £6 (DBS Fee) with admin fees starting as low as £2.29 (+VAT).
You can learn more about pricing here.


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