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What to know about the ISA

 Registering for an Online DBS account

For faster application responses: Complete the sign-up form (see example right)

  • You will receive an email to your company account
  • Attached to the email will be a form that needs to be completed and returned to us at: Aaron's Department 43 Church Lane Pudsey Leeds LS28 7RR
  • Once we have received your signed forms, your account will be enabled. You will receive an email confirmation with your Login details.

The user specified in the forms will need to check their email address, for the login details.

Our Aaron's Department contact details are 0113 877 0171 (option 4), if you have any queries.

You can sign-up for your account here at our website:

signup form

 Signing into your account for the First time

Login to your account using the link above or visit our website and click on the DBS disclosure area.

For ease of future use you can bookmark our login website (Ctrl + D):

  • You will need your three points of login supplied in your email confirming your account details.

Once you have logged in you will see your account home page "Things to Do".

This will list the forms awaiting nomination / confirmation / needing payment

You can login into your account form the link in your email or you can login here:

signup form

 Documents the applicant must provide

Please see here a list of acceptable documents for the DBS taken from the website

Please get the applicant to provide the documentation you need to see for the Route you are taken. Click here to see the route options for documents needed to verify identity of DBS applicants.

Group 1: Primary identity documents

Passport Any current and valid passport (uk or otherwise)
Biometric residence permit UK
Current driving licence photocard - (full or provisional) UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EU
Birth certificate - issued at time of birth UK and Channel Islands - including those issued by UK authorities overseas, eg embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces
Adoption certificate UK and Channel Islands

Group 2a:Trusted government documents

Current driving licence photocard - (full or provisional) All countries outside the EU (excluding Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
Current driving licence (full or provisional) - paper version (if issued before 1998) UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EU
Birth certificate - issued after time of birth UK and Channel Islands
Marriage/civil partnership certificate UK and Channel Islands
HM Forces ID card UK
Firearms licence UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

All driving licences must be valid. Click here to check if your driving licence is valid

Group 2b: Financial and social history documents

Mortgage statement UK or EEA Issued in last 12 months
Bank or building society statement UK and Channel Islands or EEA Issued in last 3 months
Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter UK Issued in last 3 months
Credit card statement UK or EEA Issued in last 3 months/td>
Financial statement, eg pension or endowment UK Issued in last 12 months
P45 or P60 statement UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 12 months
Council Tax statement UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 12 months
Work permit or visa UK Valid up to expiry date
Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider Non-UK or non-EEA only - valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at time of application Must still be valid
Utility bill UK - not mobile telephone bill Issued in last 3 months
Benefit statement, eg Child Benefit, Pension UK Issued in last 3 months
Central or local government, government agency, or local council document giving entitlement, eg from the Department for Work and Pensions, the Employment Service, HMRC UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 3 months
EU National ID card - Must still be valid
Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo UK and Channel Islands Must still be valid
Letter from head teacher or college principal UK - for 16 to 19 year olds in full time education - only used in exceptional circumstances if other documents cannot be provided Must still be valid

 How long will it take to receive the result of my check?

Online DBS check results

Using our online DBS system ourselves, we know getting online DBS results back can be blazingly fast. In October for example, some of the applications we sent, we got results in under 24 hours from the DBS! How is that for fast?

As we connect directly to the Government Gateway we get responses in a fraction of the time of normal paper applications. They are also easier to track and monitor. If you are still waiting for Paper applications, change now and stop worrying as to where your DBS applications are and if they have been lost or delayed.

Paper DBS application results

Paper applications will take a lot longer to be processed than our Online versions. DBS applications can also be held by the Police for up to 60 days, before we can chase a response for the Paper applications.

Avoid the hassle of paper applications, go online today!

Adult first Requests:

Please note: only the actual DBS certificate should be used in recruitment decisions.

To be eligible to request a check of the children’s or adults’ barred lists, the position must be eligible for an enhanced level DBS certificate.

A DBS Adult First check is not appropriate however, where a person intends to work with both children and adults. Those working with both groups will need to wait for the DBS Certificate to be returned to find out whether a person is barred from working with children. There is no equivalent quick check of the children's barred list.

 Why should I use an umbrella body?

There are a number of benefits to accessing DBS checks via an Umbrella Body. These are:
  • As an Umbrella Body, Aaron's Department have a direct connection to the Government Systems. This allows us to get faster DBS results for our clients and applicants who use our Online DBS services.
  • An Umbrella Body acts as an interface between your organisation and the DBS, so that you can concentrate on your own business.
  • An Umbrella Body will administer the process and acquire the DBS check on your organisation's behalf.
  • Umbrella Bodies are able to offer a great deal of experience in handling and processing DBS checks that can pay dividends in ensuring that the check is completed as quickly as possible.
  • You may only require a small number of checks per annum and cannot meet the threshold requirements or the terms for direct registration.
  • You may require help and assistance in order to comply with certain obligations contained in the DBS's Code of Practice.
  • You might lack the necessary administration resource or the relevant expertise in handling criminal record information.

 How long is a Disclosure valid?

Each Disclosure will show the date on which it was provided. The older the Disclosure the less reliable it becomes. However, there is currently no expiry date printed on the form. Please note that Nursing Agencies would need to renew DBS applications on a yearly basis in accordance with CQC guidelines. Other organisations would need to discuss it with their Head Office, to establish how frequently they would need to do their checks.

 How do I register?

To register with Personnel Ltd all you need to do is give our DBS department a call on 0113 8770192. We will send you out two forms to fill in, as soon as we receive these back we can send you out some DBS application forms the same day.

 Who will receive the disclosure?

Online DBS applications

Only Applicants which the online DBS checks belong to are allowed to see DBS results. Certificates are sent directly to the applicant in question.

However, if the applicant allows it, they can allow the Nominated Signatory assigned to their application, to see the results of the DBS check as soon as the DBS responded with the results.

Otherwise you will need to wait for the applicant to bring in the DBS certificate before making your decisions if they do not allow you to see the online results.

Paper Applications

From the 17th June 2013 the only person that receives the certificate is the applicant. The DBS changed this due to data protection and it gives the applicant a right to who they show the information to.

Visit Aaron's Department's Online DBS Service: